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WarDocs Podcast Featuring TITAN CSR™ Inventor Dr. Ramon Cestero

Dr. Cestero discusses how he used his military experiences to devise a new self-retaining surgical retractor that can be used downrange and in stateside operating rooms. Designed for both civilian and military applications, the TITAN CSR™ delivers the speed of traditional self-retaining retractors and equivalent exposure of table-mounted systems, without a post or table attachment.

Trauma Surgeon’s Invention Redesigns Antiquated Technology Aimed To Save Lives

Dr. Cestero’s retractor, called the TITAN CSR™, is unique in that it combines both speed and ample exposure. It does not need to be mounted to a table, and can be set up in about six seconds—50 times faster than a table-mounted design—without losing any functionality.

Surgical Retractor Player Announces First Laparotomy With TITAN CSR™

Advanced Surgical Retractor Systems, a medical device company making advancements in surgical retractor technology, has announced the first exploratory laparotomy with the new TITAN CSR™.

TITAN CSR™ Featured in August Issue of General Surgery News

TITAN CSR™ was found to achieve excellent exposure of the abdominal structures comparable to the table-mounted systems. Furthermore, it was noted to have a faster set-up time due to its non-table-mounted design.

Advanced Surgical Retractor Systems, Inc. Announces First Exploratory Laparotomy with the New TITAN Cestero Surgical Retractor (CSR)™

New Surgical Retractor Now Provides Trauma and Emergency Surgeons 50x Faster Setup Speed and Optimal Exposure Without a Post or Table Attachment.

ASR Systems Selected as FINALIST at 2021 INVEST Pitch Perfect Competition

Which medical device companies made the finals for INVEST Pitch Perfect?
Surgical retractor systems, catheters, minimally invasive surgery, wireless power transfer technology, microwave ablation, and jaundice treatment are among the areas the six medical device finalists cover.

TITAN CSR™ Featured on Startups San Antonio

The military medical experience of one San Antonio-based trauma surgeon helped shape the invention of a new type of surgical retractor, a medical device that hasn’t changed much in over a century. Dr. Ramon Cestero, a surgery professor at UT Health San Antonio and former U.S. Navy trauma surgeon, developed the TITAN CSR surgical retractor and launched Advanced Surgical Retractor Systems, Inc. (ASR Systems) in 2019.

ASR Systems TOP TEN FINALIST - MedTech Color Pitch Competition

Thrilled to learn that ASR Systems has been selected as a TOP TEN FINALIST amongst nearly 100 startups who applied to the Inaugural MedTech Color Pitch Competition. Looking forward to the next round!

TITAN CSR™ Retractor on the DoD Community at Encountering Innovation 2020!

ASR Systems is proud to announce that our retractor technology has been selected for solicitation within the DoD community at Encountering Innovation 2020! We appreciate the opportunity to share our technology with DoD Tech Scouts and look forward to improving surgical outcomes for injured Warfighters.