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Founded in 2019 by Dr. Ramon Cestero, a trauma surgeon who identified a need for surgical retraction innovation as an active duty Navy Commander on the combat fields of Iraq and Afghanistan, and Mike Girouard, an industry expert in turning new medical products into successful businesses, ASR Systems, Inc. seeks to advance surgical exposure in the operating room and improve patient outcomes.

The idea was inspired by the fast-paced environment of the battlefield, but the requirement for speed and versatility is an everyday need in hospitals around the world. A surgeon's ability to access wounds or areas of disease quickly and completely increases ease of use and efficiency for surgeons, thus potentially improving patient outcomes.

The TITAN CSR® surgical retractor is a lightweight non-table-fixed surgical retractor system designed to combine speed and functionality in one device, allowing its use in both civilian and military surgical settings. Named after its all-titanium construction, the TITAN CSR® surgical retractor provides rapid and effective exposure of the surgical incision while also providing a frame to which additional retractor components can be attached, offering maximum abdominal exposure.

Contact us today to learn about opportunities to partner in making the TITAN CSR® surgical retractor the new standard in operating rooms around the world.

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