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ASR Systems Named "Startup to Watch in 2022"

FEB 14, 2022

ASR Systems Named "Startup to Watch in 2022"

San Antonio’s startup scene is maturing. Local founders are raising more money than ever before, while venture capitalists are paying more attention to our ecosystem, looking for lucrative companies to invest in.

Our startup ecosystem reflects innovation across many different fields. You’ll find on the 2022 list more than the expected biomedical, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and cybersecurity companies from years past.

We’ve included founders leveraging advanced technologies in robotics, safer battery tech, SaaS platforms for virtual courtroom proceedings, carbon credits that support regenerative agriculture, biomedical devices, augmented reality medical training, and a SaaS platform that streamlines environmental due diligence.

We do not repeat company mentions from year to year, so you’re getting a look at an unranked alphabetical list of startups to watch for growth and potential for impact at scale. These early-stage companies are leveraging innovation with promising early-stage traction and market-product fit to show for their efforts.

These startups are:
-Privately-owned companies
-Have revenue potential (if they are pre-revenue)
-Generate $5 million or less in revenue
-Employ 50 or fewer employees
-Have raised Series A or earlier funding rounds
-Have been in existence for five years or less

The 2022 San Antonio Startups to Watch:
1. Advanced Surgical Retractor Systems (ASR Systems)
A surgery professor at UT Health San Antonio and former U.S. Navy trauma surgeon developed a new type of surgical retractor, innovating a medical device that hasn’t changed much in over a century.

Read: Advanced Surgical Retractor Systems Innovates 100-Year-Old Medical Device Design (Link Below)

2. Alt Bionics
Alt-Bionics is a medical device company tackling the unaffordability of high-cost prostheses by delivering affordable alternatives with capabilities that are similar in both form and function to higher-priced devices.

BEINCOURT offers an end-to-end streamlined platform for conducting virtual court processes with robust virtual capabilities for those who cannot attend a hearing in person.

4. Grassroots Carbon
Grassroots Carbon is a public benefit limited liability company that provides certified soil carbon storage credits that organizations or individuals can buy to offset greenhouse gas emissions. Grassroots Carbon sells its credits by working with ranchers and farmers using regenerative farming practices that help the soil capture more carbon.

5. MedCognition
MedCognition has a portable system that provides highly-realistic, clinically intuitive medical simulation training.

6. New Dominion Enterprises
Energy technology startup New Dominion Enterprises, Inc. (NDE) is producing additives to make batteries safer and longer-lasting, thanks to Air Force funding to improve the performance of military tactical radios.

7. Renovo Concepts
Medical device startup Renovo Concepts is developing a way to reduce the damage caused by inflammation setting in after severe traumatic injuries to the brain (TBI) with its Mechanical Tissue Resuscitation (MTR) device.

8. Transect
Transect streamlines the environmental due diligence process for developers working in the energy, infrastructure, and real estate industries.

9. Turn Medical
Turn Medical is commercializing its automated hospital bed that rotates the patient safely and easily to a prone position onto their abdomen.

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