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Surgical Retractor Player Announces First Laparotomy With TITAN CSR™

AUG. 12, 2021

Surgical Retractor Player Announces First Laparotomy With TITAN CSR™

Advanced Surgical Retractor Systems, a medical device company making advancements in surgical retractor technology, has announced the first exploratory laparotomy with the new TITAN CSR™.

The TITAN CSR is a lightweight titanium surgical retractor for emergency and trauma surgeries delivering the speed of traditional self-retaining retractors and equivalent exposure of table-mounted systems, without a post or table attachment. The first exploratory laparotomy using the TITAN CSR has been recently performed at University Hospital, part of University Health in San Antonio, Texas, where Brian Eastridge, MD, serves as division chief of Trauma and Emergency General Surgery, professor of surgery at UT Health San Antonio, and Jocelyn and Joe Straus endowed chair in Trauma Research.

Dr Eastridge said: “I am impressed by the functionality and intuitive, easy-to-use modular design of the TITAN CSR. Our trauma surgeons have achieved rapid access to the patient’s abdominal cavity with superior exposure, allowing them to quickly identify and control life-threatening sources of bleeding. As a result of its speed of deployment and the excellent exposure afforded, I expect the TITAN CSR will significantly change the future of trauma and emergency operations, ultimately improving patient outcomes.”

The TITAN CSR combines the advantages of multiple retractors in one device, boasting a 50x faster set up speed compared to table-mounted systems, while still providing equivalent exposure. Designed to seamlessly integrate with Bookwalter blades, the TITAN CSR maximises use of current O.R. inventory delivering turnkey operating solutions with faster speed. The TITAN CSR provides optimal exposure of deep and retroperitoneal structures with 35% more attachment points for Bookwalter blades.

Inspired by personal surgical exposure challenges as an active-duty Navy surgeon with combat deployment experience, the TITAN CSR was invented by trauma surgeon Ramon Cestero, MD, professor of surgery at UT Health San Antonio. The TITAN CSR now offers surgeons a novel retractor which provides rapid exposure and superior functionality in a device that can be used in all surgical environments without a post or table attachment.

Dr Cestero said: “I am thrilled to use my experience as both a civilian and military trauma surgeon to develop a surgical retractor that we expect will improve patient outcomes. Until now, surgeons are forced to choose between speed and exposure when selecting which retractor to use for surgery. With the novel TITAN CSR, surgeons can quickly identify bleeding sources in the abdomen while achieving optimal exposure. We are excited to be delivering the first major advancement in surgical retractor technology in nearly 50 years.”

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