The Problem

Current self-retaining surgical retractor systems force surgeons to choose between two options: rapid deployment with limited exposure, or additional retraction created by complicated and time-intensive attachments to the surgical operating table

The Solution

Our innovative TITAN CSR™ 

Abdominal Retraction System provides rapid and optimal surgical exposure while providing the option for additional retractor attachments, without the requirement for a connection to the surgical operating table


"I would use the TITAN CSR...100% of the time in trauma cases"  


MC, MD Trauma/General Surgeon

The lightweight all-titanium TITAN CSR provides surgical exposure quickly (similar to a Balfour retractor), and also allows the unique option to attach additional retractor blades (similar to a Bookwalter® retractor), 

without attaching to the O.R. table.

Post-FreeRapid Retraction and Superior Exposure!

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